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Who is an "educator"?


Educators are professors (at all grade levels), lecturers, teachers and teaching assistants who are associated with the delivery of an educational course at any postsecondary institution (four-year college, community college, vocational training program, etc.).

I'm currently a student. Can I upload to Scholate?

No, unless you also meet the definition of "educator" as listed in the previous question. For example, you're a graduate student but also a teaching assistant.

What are study materials?

Study materials are chapter slides, summaries, labs or guides. It can also be a weekly homework set, past exam or assessment with or without solutions as you prefer.

Why should I publish my study materials on Scholate?

Scholate is addressing the imbalance between educator value and student need. 

Scholate for students

Scholate offers every student the opportunity to access high quality study published by educators nationwide. High quality educator study materials help students prepare better and complete courses. Students can pay to access premium study materials on Scholate.  

Scholate for educators

Scholate rewards educators for their time and effort towards creating premium study materials. Educators are rewarded for publishing their study materials to Scholate via a sign-on bonus and royalties whenever their study materials are accessed.

How many study materials should educators upload and what will the compensation be? 

To begin with, please publish at least 25 different study material files. For the first 25 approved study material files educators receive $100. For the next 25 approved study materials, educators receive an additional $100 for a maximum compensation of up to $200. Any additional materials beyond 50 will not get upfront compensation but will be eligible for royalties as explained below. Educators who publish fewer than 25 study material files will not receive any advance but will become eligible to receive royalties should their materials be accessed.


After study materials are uploaded and reviewed by our team they will be available on Scholate for any student and educator to preview. Previewers can subscribe for full access and educators earn 30% of the subscription proceeds for their study materials as royalty. Educators can cash out earned royalties at the end of each month.


How can educators maximize their royalties?

Educators are strongly encouraged to publish their highest quality study materials to maximize subscription opportunities. Premium study materials drive larger share of subscriptions and result in higher royalty payments.

When and how will educators receive the advance?

Educators will receive their advance within 24 hours of upload subject to review by the Scholate team as an e-gift card to their email address. Royalties will be directly deposited to your bank account once the platform is live.

By when will the Scholate platform be live with full functionality?

We are expecting to go live with full functionality by October 2019.